My Collection of Shells & Rocks From Brighton Beach 

(Image by Danlirose)

I went to Brighton the other day (Shoreham Port) to be exact. I was attracted to the shells and rocks on the shore. I saw unusual shapes of rocks that I have never really seen before and I found it fascinating. So I proceeded to pick up shells of all shapes and sizes to put in the pocket of my hooded jacket.  

I didn’t know why I picked them up. I just have a thing for aesthetics. I’m a Capricorn, so I think my earthly nature attracts me to things washed up by the deepest parts of the sea. 

It makes me want to collect much more things. What other things do people collect? 

Getting Close to Nature

Getting Close to Nature

In the spring and summer months, I love the atmosphere and environment of nature. This is when the trees bloom in full form, where flowers are a beautiful spectrum of colours and the grass is as green as ever. I have a fascination with trees and skies and I especially love the many shades that nature comes in.