I love to Sleep – So Shoot Me

No doubt, I’m having a sexy fxcking relationship with my bed. I love her and she loves me (and yes it’s a she). I love to sleep. I love the feeling I get when I snuggle under the covers and surround myself with bosoms of pillows. I took a holiday from work just to sleep. I always feel relaxed and refreshed when I sleep in the day. I can’t lie. I dream all sorts of craziness when I’m in bed and when I wake I have a genuine WTF moment… But I love it! People say that lazy peoeple sleep… Yeah and I’m one of them. I work hard but I also sleep hard. At times I felt like I wasn’t spending enough time with my girl but this week has been the best! I slept with her more than once in a day.. She is so good to me.