My Thoughts on Russell Brand

My Thoughts on Russell Brand

Ok, so I have had an affinity to Mr Brand since before his emergence into stardom. This was in the mid 2000s when he was hosting on a show called Big Brother’s Big Mouth. his effervescent character intrigued me greatly. I especially liked his eccentricity and his charismatic nature. His vocabulary bank is impressive and has always been someone that struck a chord with me because of this. He had a bad reputation after his foray with drug addiction which was replaced by a sexual addiction. Women were putty in his hands and his endless tabloid features with various gorgeous women was not uncommon.

He soon moved to the USA where he still was an unknown figure but given a major platform to become a cult figure – namely controversially hosting the VMA awards – Twice! and starring in a couple of movies.

Recently, Brand has become somewhat of a revolutionist. Now floating towards the political sphere and away from materialism and Hollyweird. He has started a ‘brand’ revolution – a following. From shaming news anchors on live TV to being interviewed by Jeremy Paxman with his impressive articulation of political issues today. His bold rhetoric regarding why he doesn’t vote was documented and reposted several times over on all social networking platforms.

I am pleased that our Russell has risen and aligned himself for a positive cause. I am however worried that this may all be a phase that will soon die into oblivion – remember Kony 2012?
I wish the Russell the best in his revolution quest. He has some good ideas about how the masses should fight injustice to the underclass, let’s hope it finishes in a good vein.

Not Looking Back


I’ve made mistakes in my past but I will not let them hold me back!
I’m looking forwards, not backwards.
You may find yourself holding onto experiences and people in the past. I have personally seen these as a stumbling block to any progression. This is mainly due to the fact that certain behaviour is predicated from bad experiences. This includes; avoidance and inhibiting behaviour.

What you can do today is start afresh and start from the very beginning. Erase the past, as hurtful as this may be to do. Drop your attachments to leeches and energy vampires.

Start being your wonderful, beautiful self again.

If you find yourself falling, pick yourself up and try again but don’t look back!