Question 1 – Who Do You Dress For?


Do we truly dress for ourselves or do we have an unconscious hidden agenda as to why we dress the way that we do?
Do we dress in the name of fashion or do we dress for that someone special? Do we dress because it makes us feel good? Do we dress as a result of our political stance in life? Or do we dress conventionally to appease the people?

I personally dress for a range of reasons. I dress for work formally and that translates into a professional mindset. I also dress situationally according to the type of event and meeting. Mainly I dress because it makes me feel good but I cannot deny that media can at times dictate the type of clothes that I wear at times.

So the question I am asking? Who do YOU dress for?

Are Designer Brands Worth the Cost?


I took a trip to the West End of London and visited one of my favourite stores -Selfridges & Co as well as some other shops. Many of the things that I observed and desired were well out of my price range but there is something inspiring about window shopping. Although designer clothes may be out of reach for many people, it can breed many ideas which can filter down in an affordable manner. Nevertheless, good style is always affordable. What is catwalk fabulous can also be on your hanger at s good price;

1. There is always a cheaper alternative

Dupes are available in many forms; make-up, shoes, bags, clothes etc… There is nothing wrong with opting for the dupe. A dupe can be a fashion statement all on its own.

2. Just because it is designer, doesn’t mean it will make a bigger impact

There have been many times where someone was wearing a basic designer top and they look just as basic as a top from H&M so to say. The price tag is overpriced and it looks just the same as the high street. There have been people that have been able to make an impact by mixing and matching.

3. Sometimes it is just for the sake of it

How many times have you heard? ‘It’s Designer…’ So what? Did YOU make it? You just picked it out and paid a stupidly high price. Evaluate whether you are buying just for the sake of the label.