Bilal at the Jazz Cafe

I had the pleasure of witnessing a great concert last night by a remarkable artist. Bilal was exhilarating as he always is. He ran through a playlist of old and new songs (mostly from his new album).

He emerged to the stage in mirror styled glasses, an eccentric ensemble and him looking fly in his top hat.
He wore a bandana on his wrist which he unveiled during the performance to accompany his mic stand.


He rocked the stage with his hip gyrations, eccentric movements and full blooded passion when he belted the high notes that he is known for. It was the 4th July but that didn’t stop him going full throttle on London’s top venue (as if it was London’s Independence Day).

His movements might have caused some offence as it appeared that he was simulating sexual acts with the microphone as his prop. He had a moment where it was clear that he had given himself a sexual high. At that moment, I was thinking that I wanted the stuff he was on.

The most remarkable performances involved the tracks from previous albums such as; Sometimes, Reminisce, Levels, All Matter and Soul Sista. The tracks from the new album Love Surreal were less well known by members of the audience although I knew most of the tracks and already having a favourite ‘Winning Hand’ (which he performed delectably).


The singing was top form although clearly not for everyone. The screaming singing style may not go as well for those that prefer a more soothing sound.

The best parts of the concert were where he sang his ass off on every SINGLE track. The worst parts of the concert was the waiting time (almost 3 and a half hours).

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a mix between soul and rock influenced styles, then Bilal is the guy that will rock your world (he certainly rocked mine).

My Favourite Musical Artists (part 1)


1. Erykah Badu

I started listening to Badu years ago. She was with me when I started exploring who I really was, she was with me during my awkward phases and she was with me when I felt like no one really understood me. Her music can be considered esoteric and quite unusual at times (which kind of echoes my personality at times). Her music oozes sexy spirituality and hypnotic rhythms that can insert you into a unique experience. I particularly like her older stuff because there really was nothing like it. I’ve put her in this list because she has defined a big part of my adolescence (plus I have seen her 3 times live). Erykah you my girl man!

*Honourable mentions… Q-Tip, A Tribe Called Quest, Slum Village, Mos Def, D’Angelo, The Roots.

2. Radiohead

If I had to pick something alternative that I could jam to all day, Radiohead would be that band. I absolutely love 85% of their albums plus Thom Yorke’s solo stuff. I love that no band sounds like Radiohead- they are unique, they mix rock and electronica and a whole lot of other stuff. For years I listened to that Kid A album. It takes you on a psychedelic journey which for approx 1 hour, you have been transported to another realm. They really are a one of a kind band.

3. Bilal

If there is one guy that can blow vocals like no other, it is this guy. Bilal is an amazing, talented and beautiful artist with an enviable gift. There is so much I can say about Bilal but I will leave that for another post. I met him at his concert and he is such a lovely human being. I can jam to Airtight Revenge all day.

4. Justin Timberlake

Ok so JT may not be the best singer or best artist in the world but he has a way of providing a breath of fresh air whenever he returns to the music world. he is indeed my guilty pleasure, my little love obsession. Yes, I am still blazing out 20/20 experience.

5. Ginuwine

A little old school, but Ginuwine was one of the first artists that made me discover what #slow jams #babymakingmusic was all about. His voice made me hungry and thirsty at the same time. He has lost what was special about him when he first entered the scene but I still respect the introduction he gave me to the world of love so to speak.

*honourable mentions – Aaliyah, Timbaland, Playa

6. Marsha Ambrosious

This little minx is the dime piece of the neo soul scene. She has the sexiest vocals I have ever heard on any woman and she makes me think things that I probably shouldn’t. This woman is so talented (especially hailing from the UK), I am so proud of what she has accomplished.

7. Jill Scott

Of course Jilly Scott has to be on this list. The lady of neo soul herself. I grew up listening to Jill Scott too. I have all of her albums and they always help with whatever mood I am in or want to be in. Her effortless vocals remind me of a sunny day (cliche but true).

8. J Dilla

Where would Hip hop be without this talented producer? Thank God that I discovered this guy (R.I.P Never forgotten). I cannot even… Just listed to his sh*t if you don’t know.

9. Osunlade

A recent house producer that I have discovered from a friend of a friend. I love his mixes. Again, this talented producer hails from my hometown (Nigeria) and reflects that kind of ethnic sound into his mixes. It is legendary listening



Mr Timberlake has done it again! This album is such a grower… The first time that I listened to the album, I was gripped but it wasn’t like WOW! (like the second album) but the more that I listened to the songs (and boy the songs are long!), I found myself becoming more and more engrossed – addicted.

You would think that with only 10 songs that the album run would be rather quick but that is quite the contrary. In fact, the album is very wholesome in that the average length of a song is 8mins which is great for me!

It is also definitely a more soulful album than I expected (which is great). JT hasn’t sold out like some artists out there  and I think this may be my spring favourite.

My favourite songs are Mirrors and Pusher Love Girl at the moment *but it changes daily.

I give the album 4/5