No Expectations… No dissapointments 


Often, the things we expect lead to dissapointment when they happen unexpectedly. The quote above is kind of a mantra that I have developed somewhat… ‘No expectations, no disappointments.’ This quote can honestly be applied to absolutely anything (and it works!). 

It’s not something that is encouraged but at times, expecting the lowest outcome can produce the most pleasant results when something that happens is above your expectations. I tend to apply this mantra the most with personal relationships. 

I’ve stopped expecting so highly when it comes to people because they will let you down (sometimes at your most neediest). What is to be remembered is that you really have no say on how one conducts themselves, you can influence but if it’s not from their heart, is it really a behaviour that one can adopt? I’ve learned on my journey that the less you expect from someone, the more you will enjoy that relationship. 

For example, if you’re always expecting a phone call or text from somebody, you will be disappointed when that phone call or text does not happen. The next time that you call them, could end up in a bust up or even a little resentment.

So what do you do? 

Don’t expect anyone to do anything for you.

That’s it! 

This mantra is epic because it works! It really does. I’m genuinely surprised when people do certain acts for me and I’m grateful for them when they occur.
Try it today!! 

You are a candle…

I picked up this notion from a book that I am currently reading. What an amazing analogy! It’s basically saying that you as a candle burn with light. You should always be willing to share your flame because sharing has no effect on your own flame but you should never give away your wax. The more wax you give, the more you diminish. 

Daily Confidence


Sometimes it’s easy to feel like you’re the only one in the world who’s struggling, who’s frustrated, or unsatisfied, or barely getting by.  But that feeling is a lie.  And if you just hold on, someone will find you and help make it better.  Because we all need a little help sometimes – someone to help us hear the music in our world.  To remind us that it won’t always be this way.  That someone is out there right now.

Stop watering the weeds in your life and start watering the flowers



Image by Danlirose Photgraphy

As the title suggests, focusing on the flowers instead of the weeds will attract your mind to the positive. This in turn will yield positive results your way. I am a major believer in positive thinking but I at times fail when it comes to maintaining this practice, especially when it comes to mundane necessary activities such as bills and responsibilities.

I highly recommend Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson. This book helped put all the little worries that I had in life in perspective. Here is a nice quote to get you started; “They will pass away just as surely as the sun sets in the evening.”
― Richard Carlson

One thing that I have particularly learnt from going through emotions such as sadness, frustration, depression etc is that they are like passengers on a train or bus. Some will come on and some will get off but these emotions are not permanent and they will pass.

So there really is no point focusing on the ‘weeds’ but if you water the flowers, you will find that they will grow and outshine the undesirable.

By Linda L

Not Looking Back


I’ve made mistakes in my past but I will not let them hold me back!
I’m looking forwards, not backwards.
You may find yourself holding onto experiences and people in the past. I have personally seen these as a stumbling block to any progression. This is mainly due to the fact that certain behaviour is predicated from bad experiences. This includes; avoidance and inhibiting behaviour.

What you can do today is start afresh and start from the very beginning. Erase the past, as hurtful as this may be to do. Drop your attachments to leeches and energy vampires.

Start being your wonderful, beautiful self again.

If you find yourself falling, pick yourself up and try again but don’t look back!

Embracing Your Inner Child

When you were younger, the world was limitless and infinite. You could be anything and anyone. You could dream up places and fantasies that were undeniably possible. You lacked fear, you were fearless and no one could tell you anything. What happened to that child? What happened to YOU!

As we grow, the realities of the world and how it works dawns upon us. We are no loger fearless but in fact we fear everything and everyone. We care what people think of us, we watch what we say, we are careful what activities we partake. We place limits on EVERYTHING. We have instances of big dreams and how we can achieve them but we soon doubt ourselves and our abilities again. If only my younger self could help me out of the rut that I sometimes feel I am in.

Listen to her… Listen to him… Listen to what they are saying…

“Remember when you didn’t care what people thought about you… it didn’t even cross your mind.”

You embraced creativity…”

“You loved to laugh, you weren’t afraid to cry, you weren’t afraid to demand what you wanted”

“You made friends easily… You were intrigued by people.”

“You asked many questions… you weren’t afraid to ask.”

We all have different experiences but no one can deny that the possibilities are endless when we think like a child. Not childish but childlike.Image