How to Walk the Life Catwalk


1. It’s really long and you are bound to stumble so take your time.

2. Cherish the moment that you’re in – You only have one shot at it

3. Make good friends along the way, they will help you get through the hardest parts

4. Don’t be afraid to stand out – you will be the kind of people that make a difference in the show

5. Make sure you are healthy in Mind, body and Soul because it really shows if you haven’t been taking care of yourself.

6. Don’t be afraid to fail because YOU are who determines whether you are a failure or not.

7. Walk with your head held high and face the world

8. Fake it until you make it 😉

Living Life in Colour (The Present Moment)

Living Life in Colour (The Present Moment)

I decided a while ago that no matter what situation that I was in, that I would never forget to live. By that I mean, ‘living instead of existing’. An activity not merely to pass the time but an act that seems entirely natural and enjoyable (whatever we are doing).

When I think of doing chores, whereas I used to think ‘this is so tedious’, I can now see it as a moment of time where I can practice patience, seeing a necessary task to the end and even meditate whilst doing it. It could be practicing discipline and this in turn can translate to many other activities.

I am currently in the laundrette writing this but no matter how tedious this may seem, I have written this blog article and I feel good about it.

Whenever I feel excited about the future, I decide that in the meantime, I will do other things that will make just as excited. This might be; working on my passion, reading, learning, writing – the lesson is not to waste any time at all.

Even when I’m driving in my car on a long journey or short journey, I use that time as productively as I can. I have had audiobooks, audio language lessons and any other activity that I can use to effectively develop me in one way or the other. It has been so beneficial for me personally and I have seen accelerated growth.

Everyday is a present, this is why we all should appreciate the present moment over the past or the future. This is one of the many things that I learnt after reading ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle (I recommend reading it- although it not for everyone).

Focusing on either the past or the future tends to make your life a bit black and white (inactive and passive). The irony of this sentiment is that dreaming of yesterday’s memories are nice to ponder on for a moment – everything seems so colourful, dreamy and fantasy-like, but if your mind tends to wander in the past quite often, it is time to rein back into the present moment and out of that black and white movie. On the other side on the coin, focusing on bad memories can cause adverse responses in your current state of being. The same principle applies, only that you need to let go and live YOUR life.

I have particularly learned to live in the here and now and appreciate every moment. We only get older, so why not appreciate our youth- now? We are only ever as old as we feel – it is all relative.

At times, we don’t even realise that the little things are the big things when we look back on them as memories. A sense of regret for not entirely enjoying those times that you had may dawn on you but we have to remember that every single day, we are given another chance at life.

It is time to live in the present because it truly is a present for us- do you realise that now?

The Power of ‘Smileys’ in Text Conversations

The Power of 'Smileys' in Text Conversations

Consider this…

It’s a beautiful day outside 😀

It’s a beautiful day outside

It’s a beautiful day outside 😉

So what is the difference between the three? They each insinuate something by the use or lack of the smiley.

Because text is a way that we communicate with people when other means of communication are not available or by simple means of convenience, it is important that we are aware of how we are perceived by others. Whether it is your best friend, lover or acquaintance, adding smileys is a great way of keeping a happy positive tone to the conversation. Why?


I understand that a certain sector of the population may use smileys more than others. Girls tend to use them more than boys for example. Men may see it as quite juvenile and women may not use them because it may make them seem less mature. But honestly, it is not a bad thing to add a smiley face here or there in our text conversations. It adds a lighthearted and playful tone to the conversation. It leaves a good aftertaste. It may be less appropriate in formal conversations- obviously. But what is the harm in informal situations?


I personally find that when someone adds a 🙂 in a text message, it makes me feel good. Why? In my mind i’m thinking; the fact that you added a 🙂 or 😉 made me smile with you.


There a difference between:

It’s really hot outside 😀 and It’s really hot outside :/

One says ‘I am happy it is hot outside’, the other says ‘I am not so sure if I like that it is hot outside’

Too add, what do you think this insinuates?

‘It’s really hot outside ;)’

I leave that for you to figure out.

To conclude, don’t be afraid to add a few smilies in your text conversation. I do believe that you can overdo it (I tend to be guilty of this) but I am on #TeamSmiley 😀


(Danli Rose)

On Conspiracy Theories


I am a truth seeker by nature. I don’t remember the first time that I woke up but I know it started via YouTube. It was a video stating that the World Trade Centre tragedy was orchestrated by the American government to bring in a new world order. On the surface it seemed crazy but as soon as I watched one video that was put together in such an orderly and logical way, I was convinced that the world is not in fact what it seems. This urged me to find out more about the mysteries of this world and things just kept on unravelling. Life began to unravel.

The world changed significantly after 9/11. I was very young at the time of the tragedy but as I grew up, it got referenced more and more in news articles, videos and forums. Not just the conspiracy of the twin towers but other things such as the illuminati (that is now heavily cited to death) and others relating to darkness in music. I became addicted to dissecting everything I thought I knew about the world. These revelations were truly enlightening…

Unfortunately, after many years of seeking the truth, I see that it had made little contribution to my overall life decisions. Unless I actually wanted to make a stand against the conspirators, I feel that it is futile having the knowledge but not having any leverage to make an effective change against the powers that be.

Conspiracy theories are a gimmick and they are becoming more and more ridiculous (even for me). I used to be a conspiracy ‘nut’ but now I think I am a realist. Many times, theories are pulled out from thin air. No sources, pure speculation and this is accepted as fact? I am tired of everyone being in the illuminati. I am done with the crazy theories about Sandy Hook being a hoax. It was already bad enough when the Olympic park was supposed to be nuked and nothing happened.Just please stop!

I understand the media is heavily manipulated and censored but… We have to be aware of our own bullshit at times. Conspiracy theories are just that- conspiracy stories.

I have de-converted.

I am no longer a conspiracy theorist but a TRUTH seeker. That means that both sides are taken into account.

My Top 10 All Time Favourite Movies

This is not in order by the way. It’s far too hard to construct in order.

I am naturally a film enthusiast and this list has changed several times already because there are just too many films to list. What has particularly influenced my list is the watchability and overall storyline.

1. The Devil’s Advocate

I can watch this over and over again. I love the storyline and Al Pacino is just divine in this movie. My favourite scene is the ending where Al Pacino gives that epic speech.

 2. The Prestige

There are quite a few Christopher Nolan directed films on my list. He is an impressive director and this film is beautifully directed. I have watched this several times and am still amazed.

 3.The Shawshank Redemption

What an exquisite film! Every single person needs to watch this film!

 4. The Batman Trilogy (Chris Nolan Edition – favourite being The Dark Knight)

Another Chris Nolan film on the list. I am a hardcore Batman fanatic! and I love the dark tone of the films. I am specifically a fan of The Dark Knight because Heath Ledger’s joker is second to none. Whenever I watch it, I still get chills down my spine.

5. The Godfather I and II (I know it’s cheating but I consider it one epic movie)

 One word – Classic!

6. 500 Days of Summer

Probably the only light hearted film on the list but it surprised me. Definitely one to watch for those that have not seen it yet. 

7. The Matrix

 This never gets old! Probably the first of the mind-bending films that I am so addicted to.

8. Scarface

 Classic! Al Pacino’s performance is captivating!

9. Goodfellas

 Another classic gangster movie that is enjoyable from start to finish.

10. Some Like it Hot

 I absolutely love this movie! it is so unbelievably funny! Wow!

* Honourable mentions


– Kill Bill

– Pulp Fiction

– Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind

– Inception