10 Weird Facts about Myself

Image by Danlirose

1. I eat breakfast at various times of the day

2. I like to scrunch my Cornflakes into extremely small pieces so it’s almost powder like

3. I have to eat ice cream after every spicy meal

4. I talk to myself in the mirror…(a lot)

5. I can eat a whole pack of Tic Tacs in one go

6. Oh yeah.. I like to put bits of coffee grain in my Cornflakes

7. I like to read books backwards

8. I sleep before I read a book

9. I hate texting people first

10. I like collecting notebooks

Five Weird things that I like



1. I like to crush my cornflakes into smaller little pieces before I make it into a cereal.

2. I additionally like to put fruit in practically every dish (even in savoury dishes)

3. I like to leave the fan on at night, even if it’s cold.

4. I like giving people nicknames – I never really call people by their birth name.

5. I love talking to myself and rationalising when I have to make a tough decision.