Random things on my mindĀ 

1. Why are we obsessed with people that don’t like us as much as we do them? Do I have rejection issues? Do I get a kick out of lot getting what I want? Do I actually like the chase? I mean what is up with that? So many questions….
2. I’m hungry but I don’t know what I want to eat. When you’re starving but you have no appetite for ANYTHING! 

3. That feeling of anxiety you feel when you’re under pressure and you have to hide it from everyone.. Where is an appropriate meme when I need it? 

4. I wanna be in love again… I so love that feeling… 

5. When you want to read but you may have an ADHD condition that prevents you from concentrating. 

101 Facts About Me

101 Facts About Me

1. I’m an extremely fussy eater… My milk has to be a certain brand, my eggs have to be done a certain way or I will not eat it.

2. I love cereal at any time of the day – I’m a cerealaholic

3. I love ballet – I should’ve been a ballet dancer

4. I lose weight really quickly unlike some people that take months to see a difference

5. I love my eyes… They are my best assets next to my lips

6. I am like a chameleon because I can talk to anyone and change my register accordingly

7. I can be very quiet but when I’m around familiar company I can change very drastically.

8. I love Jesus, he’s gotten me through every hard thing that I’ve been through.

9. I love spirituality and anything that increases me in my mindfulness and awareness

10. I took up yoga a year ago and I have been regularly practicing

11. I’m a child at heart because I can be really immature

12. I laugh way too much but I have the worst moodswings

13. I have a dog and I love her to death

14. I love my own space and privacy

15. I can play the keyboard

16. I love perfume and scents! I’m a perfume addict.

17. I am single and I love it

18. I get crazy when there’s music

19. I love classical music

20. I love to read

21. I love art

22. I love to do my nails

23. I love photography and taking pictures of the world around me.

24. But I don’t like pictures being taken of me (only i can take pictures of me).

25. I’m a pescatarian (I only eat fish and vegetables)

26. I’m very hardworking but I can be very lazy

27. I love scary rides

28. I watch a lot of cartoons

29. I love electronica, house and hip hop

30. Pink and black are my favourite colours

31. I’m an obsessive apple (product) fanatic.

32. I watch what I eat (not recently though)

33. Did I say I like to be secluded and just reflect on life

34. I can be a major conspiracist

35. I have a birth mark on my thigh and my right foot

36. I love drawing smiley faces for everything!!!

37. I also love exclamation marks for everything!!!

38. I tend to get bored easily and want to jump at the next best thing.

39. I’m very driven and ambitious but I can be a bit of a dreamer

40. I am very cautious about who I draw close in my circle.

41. I drive like a maniac and can get a big of road rage.

42. I can be a bit quirky but I would love to embrace that part of me more.

43. I love eyeliner and mascara because it makes my eyes pop.

44. Me and earrings don’t tend to mix. I always forget to wear them

45. I laugh at everything

46. I have a great smile šŸ™‚ (no masturbation)

47. I can be highly flirtatious

48. I love discussing deep issues but not about myself

49. I can be highly sentimental – I love keeping certain things as memories but recently I have trashed many memories

50. I have really THICK thighs!!

51. I love cheese too much!!!

52. When I want something, I do all I can to get it.

53. I’m inspired by people’s passions and ambitious

54. I LOVE chocolate cake!!!!

55. I’m a very emotional person – maybe too emotional.

56. When I really care about someone, it takes me such a long time to get over them.

57. The number 7 is my lucky number. But my personal number is 27.

58. I have a tendency to shut people out completely when I’ve had enough

59. I can look sweet at times and like a bitch at other times.

60. People find it easy to talk to me and quite approachable.

61. There are certain people that I click with right away – you would think we’ve been friends forever.

62. I like to snuggle… But I don’t get it often (if any at all) šŸ˜¦

63. I live cake .

64. I get travel sickness for the dumbest reasons.

65. At this mo ment,I feel sick, physically I feel deathly (if that is even a word).

66. I change my musical inclinations from time to time.
I like to be indie in my music choices – developing eclectic tastes.

67. I love people that make me laugh.

68. I can be extremely crazy and goofy when i want to be.

69. I love gangster movies, documentaries, anime and cartoons.

70. I have a dangerous streak within me that can urge me to kill when crossed

71. I’m a perfectionist that can overkill on one activity

72. I don’t like snakes (people that are two faced and would smile in your face and then would probably kill you)

73. I am impatient

74. I find many things funny (unnecessarily)

75. I plan to do a lot of travelling. Weekend trips away to Paris (so cliche)

76. Did I say I am really emotional?

77. I love to dance and be wacky with it too

78. There are two sides to me: crazy and loud & chilled and subdued

79. I love photography but I’m still such a novice despite all the attention I draw to myself

80. I will never get a pet again!!!!!!!!

81. I get irritated by people that are more dramatic than me. Bitch please! I’m the queen of drama.

82. I find talking very exhausting at times, so I tend to listen a lot more.

83. I change my musical tastes ever so often…

84. Each musical genre I listen to reminds me of a specific friend, ex or memory in the past.

85. Each perfume I own also reminds me of an ex or a memory. This results in me not wearing certain perfumes due to this.

86. I can be a big procrastinator.. It’s taken me 4 months to do this list!

87. I have a beauty spot on my left finger.

88. I can sit and do the thing I love for 24 hours straight

89. I love downloading fonts.. For some strange reason I have a fixation on fancy writing.

90. I wear a lot of the colour espresso pink

91. Wearing a flower in my hair makes me feel serene and positive

92. I drive EVERYWHERE! It is becoming a big problem (hello love handles)

93. My favourite accent is the French one – oui oui?

94. One of my favourite musical artists is Bilal- pretty unknown but boy can he tear up a stage.

95. I don’t wear lipstick because I find that it makes my lips appear bigger

96. I talk to myself (alot)

97. I love personality over looks (looks ARE still lovely though)

98. My favourite car make is Audi and my favourite car model is the Mini Cooper.

99. I change my handwriting all the time (even on the same page)

100. I love dimples and smiles. They are my ultimate weakness.

101. It has been really hard completing this list!