The Points System

I thought about a system to ignite and encourage creativity, productivity and a bit more excitement in my daily life. For every activity that I carry out, I accumulate points. The more points that I accumulate at the end of each day, the more beneficial , profitable and conducive the day has been (in my opinion). Anyone can try this out and adapt their own points system (this is still a work in progress and is personal to my circumstances).

Add the points up at the end of each day 
Creative activities (6 points)

  • Blogging a post
  • Writing an article
  • Podcasting
  • Photography shoot
  • Create an inspirational room
  • Doing anything with a creative flare
  • Writing a poem
  • Writing a song
  • DIY and Crafts


Fitness Activities (8 points) 

(at least 30 minutes)

  • Yoga
  • Gym
  • Pilates
  • Dancing
  • Intense workout session
  • Stretching
  • Weight Training
  • 10,000 steps
  • 100 squats


Habits (3 points)

  • Drink a ltre of water
  • Write down three good things that happened to you each day.
  • Repeat a mantra in your head.
Spirituality (10 points)

  • Meditation
  • Praying
  • Writing 10 things that you are grateful for
  • Legs up the wall
  • Practice an act of kindness
  • Practive positive, loving affirmations for yourself
  • Breathe deeply for at least two minutes. Focus on your breaths.
  • Devote 15 minutes a day to reading a spiritual text (Bible, spiritual book, spiritual workbook.)
  • Perform one thoughtful act of kindness for a stranger.
  • Read and/ or Listen to Motivational Material
Educate yourself (10 points) 

  • Learn how to coach people
  • Read a book
  • Learn a course
Productivity (2 points)

  • Write a “To Do” List
  • Write down your goals
  • Turn off your phone for an hour (5 points)



It is ok to be angry sometimes

It is ok to be angry sometimes

Our emotions can take full control of our beings at times. Sadness can overwhelm us when we have suffered something tragic and happiness can fill our hearts when we experience something positive. Although we have been advised against acting in anger against someone else, I feel that it is healthy to let out anger in a productive way. People have cited drumming, boxing and dancing as a way of channeling their anger into something positive.

So the next time you feel in a predicament, think of ways to channel that anger into a productive activity.