The Points System

I thought about a system to ignite and encourage creativity, productivity and a bit more excitement in my daily life. For every activity that I carry out, I accumulate points. The more points that I accumulate at the end of each day, the more beneficial , profitable and conducive the day has been (in my opinion). Anyone can try this out and adapt their own points system (this is still a work in progress and is personal to my circumstances).

Add the points up at the end of each day 
Creative activities (6 points)

  • Blogging a post
  • Writing an article
  • Podcasting
  • Photography shoot
  • Create an inspirational room
  • Doing anything with a creative flare
  • Writing a poem
  • Writing a song
  • DIY and Crafts


Fitness Activities (8 points) 

(at least 30 minutes)

  • Yoga
  • Gym
  • Pilates
  • Dancing
  • Intense workout session
  • Stretching
  • Weight Training
  • 10,000 steps
  • 100 squats


Habits (3 points)

  • Drink a ltre of water
  • Write down three good things that happened to you each day.
  • Repeat a mantra in your head.
Spirituality (10 points)

  • Meditation
  • Praying
  • Writing 10 things that you are grateful for
  • Legs up the wall
  • Practice an act of kindness
  • Practive positive, loving affirmations for yourself
  • Breathe deeply for at least two minutes. Focus on your breaths.
  • Devote 15 minutes a day to reading a spiritual text (Bible, spiritual book, spiritual workbook.)
  • Perform one thoughtful act of kindness for a stranger.
  • Read and/ or Listen to Motivational Material
Educate yourself (10 points) 

  • Learn how to coach people
  • Read a book
  • Learn a course
Productivity (2 points)

  • Write a “To Do” List
  • Write down your goals
  • Turn off your phone for an hour (5 points)