Wake up and smell the coffee


I absolutely love coffee! The smell is intoxicatingly beautiful. It reminds me of my childhood, it reminds me of home.

But we really have to be self aware about the situations that we find ourselves in. Being realistic with ourselves and our situations. The one person that we shouldn’t lie to is ourselves.

Self talk is great but we have to be aware of our own limitations. It is also advisable to be wary of people’s behaviour and emotional responses.

From today, let us be able to look at other people with understanding of their situations. People will act with a little selfishness but don’t take it personally. It is not directed at you. I understand that now. I always used to always take things personally but when I took time to understand that people have their own weaknesses that they are dealing with, I felt a whole lot better about my interactions with certain people.

Hope you can take a lesson from this!