Why I Enjoy Binge-watching 

 Image by Danlirose  

My ultimate hobby is to binge-watch new TV shows (some old). Binge-watching has become somewhat of phenomena since the existence of Netflix. It is essentially marathon watching of a TV show  (e.g. A whole season of Game of Thrones).

For me personally, gone are the days when I’d wait week upon week for the development of a show. Why wait when you can watch it all in one?

My first experience of binge watching was with the show ‘Heroes’ (in the early 00s)  It was an epic watch. My ex boyfriend brought his hard drive of the first season of the show round my house at 11am and we must’ve spent the next 24 hours continuously until we finished the whole thing. It was the day I popped my binge watching cherry and a monster was created.

The best kind of shows to binge watch are the big ones such as; Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Dexter, 24.. The reason being that they will leave you wanting more with every episode. This is the whole point of marathon watching.

The disadvantages of binge watching are the constant shakes after watching 12 episodes back to back. The longing that you feel after you’ve exhausted an entire series. In addition, the feeling that you have wasted your entire 2 days for nothing but to join in with the topic of conversation.

I’d never stop though.. It’s always worth it. If there is a show that I’m not getting into, I simply stop watching. I’m not really going to waste my time with nonsense waste of time shows.

My view of the London Marathon

My view of the London Marathon

_MG_8369_MG_8363 _MG_8378 _MG_8377 _MG_8373 _MG_8376 _MG_8369 _MG_8366I went to the Bermondsey stretch of the London Marathons. I was hoping to get to the Greenwich side, but it was near impossible. The buzz was extraordinary as the runners breezed by. The crowd was electrifying and there was so much excitement behind the fences. Although I would’ve loved to view more of the route (especially Tower Bridge), I had so much fun.

Pray for Boston

I am quite late in expressing my condolences to the victims and families of the Boston Marathon bombings. Whilst I was taking pictures, I noticed this in the window of someone’s flat. In such a high rise block (with more than 20 floors) it can be noticed from afar. Everyone is praying with Boston as they suffer such a tragedy. I really pray that the state heals and I know that they will because America is very resilient.