Embracing Your Inner Child

When you were younger, the world was limitless and infinite. You could be anything and anyone. You could dream up places and fantasies that were undeniably possible. You lacked fear, you were fearless and no one could tell you anything. What happened to that child? What happened to YOU!

As we grow, the realities of the world and how it works dawns upon us. We are no loger fearless but in fact we fear everything and everyone. We care what people think of us, we watch what we say, we are careful what activities we partake. We place limits on EVERYTHING. We have instances of big dreams and how we can achieve them but we soon doubt ourselves and our abilities again. If only my younger self could help me out of the rut that I sometimes feel I am in.

Listen to her… Listen to him… Listen to what they are saying…

“Remember when you didn’t care what people thought about you… it didn’t even cross your mind.”

You embraced creativity…”

“You loved to laugh, you weren’t afraid to cry, you weren’t afraid to demand what you wanted”

“You made friends easily… You were intrigued by people.”

“You asked many questions… you weren’t afraid to ask.”

We all have different experiences but no one can deny that the possibilities are endless when we think like a child. Not childish but childlike.Image