How I freed myself from clutter & attachments

Screenshot 2014-01-01 21.27.31Clutter is a sin… I absolutely hate it in every way. As soon as I start seeing a build up of papers beside me, my heart begins to race. If I see a pile of clothes that haven’t been hung up, I feel disturbed.

I used to be the kind of girl that kept EVERYTHING of remote sentimental value to me. Some people call it a memory box or something like that.. Receipts of special days, tickets, letters, everything!! This meant that I would have boxes of memories stashed in every corner of my room. I also loved to keep clothes that I hadn’t worn in years – with the hope of finding an event to wear them to. I just couldn’t let things go – partly this is also psychological.

Psychologically, I found it difficult to let things go. Holding onto hopeless relationships with people that clearly didn’t give a f**k about me. I slowly started to turn into a wreck, trying to hold onto things that were just memories of winter’s past.

So how did I free myself from all these fortifications? Well… I had to reevaluate my relationships to all the things that had bared so much connections with me. I had to ask whether they were beneficial or detrimental to me. Many of them being detrimental – not good!! Also, it wasn’t until I lost everything, that I felt free.

Fast forward to now and I rarely hold any sentimental value to items and people. I tend to chuck things away that I consider ‘rubbish’.

My Moodboard


1. Reflect

I am a person of deep reflection. I love to reflect on my decisions, choices, feelings and emotions on a daily basis. I do this in deep meditation – maybe somewhere quiet and alone. It really helps me to put things in perspective.

2. Cool

Keeping cool and collected is something that I have learnt to do with time. I call this keeping a poker face in situations that may frustrate and annoy. I have a fear of letting my guard down and a fear of getting hurt, so I utilise my defences.

3. Laughter

I love to laugh (who doesn’t?). I laugh every single day and I try to make it at least once every hour of the day. I have a great sense of humour anyways – so this isn’t hard for me at all.

4. Loyalty

I am fiercely loyal to the people that I care about. That is a really good quality that I possess. My friendship bracelets remind me of that.

5. Fresh

I love to be in the realm of the freshness of life. Healthy food, fresh air, water, oxygen and all the things that keep me alive.

6. Freedom

I believe freedom comes from within. If you are content with your situation and you make it work for you (no matter what you possess), you can experience freedom anywhere and anytime.