Feeling love, feeling free


(Image by Danlirose)

I didn’t think I’d ever fall in love again. After all the heart break that I’ve experienced in the past, I wondered whether I’d ever get that loved up feeling ever again. This was mainly because I have been through the university of love and failed hard in the past. 
Sure, I dated guys but when I met this particular guy, I was completely overwhelmed by how I felt in his presence. It was a different feeling that made me feel like a brand new person / given another chance. It’s still early days but I’m so positive about this new connection. And I know it’s not infatuation because I have learned how to control the feeling. 

I think one of the most important thing in a relationship is that whoever you end up with, should make you want to be your best you. They let you be who you are and the same the other way. 

I understand who he is completely and I accept him for who he is. It’s beautiful. 

I’m going to take my time with this one and embrace every moment that we have together.

Be Active Moodboard


I love putting together these things. They remind me to keep these actions in mind…

1. Dance

If you remember to dance, you remember that there is freedom in expression. Dance the stress away! Dance for fun, dance for love, dance for YOU, just dance!

2. Charm

Be a charming person. Be lovely and alluring – be a little gem – be pleasant to those around you.

3. Stretch

Stretch everyday! It keeps you more mobile and more energetic.

4. Walk

Take a walk often. It clears the mind. It gives you space. It gets you through your chaos.

5. Muse

Always strive for inspiration! read inspiring books, read exalting quotes. Observe nature, observe people, observe art and listen.

6. Pose

Always have your best pose in the bag, you never know when than next photo op can lead to something great!

7. Meditate

Pray and speak what you want into your life. Sit and breathe. Sit and breathe. In, out, in, out.

8. Observe

Always look and observe! You learn a new thing everyday but it is important to study that thing that you have learnt by observing hard.

9. Simulate

Recreate, act and be that person that you want to be in life.

You can be anybody in this world – simulate it!