My late 2015 post..


Image by Danlirose

Let’s start off with saying Happy New Year!

Next, I realise that I have neglected my blog – mainly because I have been quite busy but honestly that’s no excuse. I am not one for adhering to making new year resolutions but I am for growth (at any time of the year).

The book with the Eiffel Tower on the front is where I have been writing inspirational quotes. I have literally filled the pages with hundreds of motivating quotes and sayings. There was a night where I was feeling like crap and I started reading the quotes that I had previously written and felt that my spirits had lifted. For my quote sources, I use Pinterest. It is my favourite social networking tool and there are plenty of images to lust over and to use for inspiration.

I think it’s a great idea for anyone that can get overwhelmed with what life throws at them and I encourage everyone to the same or something similar. It could be anything. A photo album, inspirational collages/pictures – whatever tugs your heart strings or motivates you to a higher plane.

My blog will get a whole lot more busy this year… I promise myself.

Have a blessed day xoxoxo

Five Weird things that I like



1. I like to crush my cornflakes into smaller little pieces before I make it into a cereal.

2. I additionally like to put fruit in practically every dish (even in savoury dishes)

3. I like to leave the fan on at night, even if it’s cold.

4. I like giving people nicknames – I never really call people by their birth name.

5. I love talking to myself and rationalising when I have to make a tough decision.

What’s In My bag? (2nd Edition)


I decided to do another ‘what’s in my bag?’ blog as I was really bored. I am really nosy when it comes to knowing what is lurking in other people’s bags so I decided to do one of my own. Here we go…


1. Bristle Hairbrush

I take this hairbrush wherever I go for those flyaways.

2. Mini iPad

I literally cannot go anywhere without this device. It stores everything from my calendar, photos, music, Dropbox, Evernote, iBooks, games etc… It keeps me entertained for hours and hours.

3. Purse

No explanation needed. It has all my cards and money of course!

4. iPhone 5

Before my iPad, my iPhone comes first! It is my life and I’m forever gazing upon this beauty of a device.


5. Perfume

I am an addict when it comes to an amazing fragrance. I particularly love very sweet smells. I am not too much into floral or champagne scents as they do not particularly fit with my body chemistry. At the moment, I’m in love with Mariah Carey’s Lollipop Splash fragrance.

6. Headphones

When I want to block the world out. I immerse myself with music. I take these EVERYWHERE!.

7. Hairband

Just in case I decide to tie my hair up. I always tend to have my hair down but you never know.

8. Cha Cha Tint

This is the absolute best cheek tint that I have ever used. It looks so natural.


9. Car Keys

I know it’s bad but I tend to travel everywhere with my car so I’m bound to have these car keys with me.

10. Lip Balm

When nature calls eh…

11. Stippling Brush

When I want to reapply my concealer or my tint during the day

12. Mac Cheek Blush

This is a very heavy pigmented cream blush that I take with me just in case I hit an evening event.

It’s Been A While…

It's Been A While...

I haven’t blogged for a while and that is mainly because I have been feeling a little uninspired this season. When the sun turns into clouds, it is kind of hard to capture a scene in its true beautiful state. Everything seems bleaker and dark. I have had to adjust to a few new challenges in my life, so the tone of my blog may change. Maybe something inspirational can arise from my dark emotional responses to my current situation. They say people change but they all look the God damn same to me… Just in a different guise. Besides that, I am thankful for the days that I am given on this earth and I hope I turn around my situation for the better.