Attentive Concentration Disorder (the new anti multi-tasking syndrome)


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Attentive Concentration Disorder is a term that I coined particularly in relation to myself. It’s meaning? “An inability to concentrate on one task at a time but tends to attribute attention to several activities at once.” I understand that there is a medically established condition call ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) but there is a major difference between ACD and ADD/ADHD. Firstly, that ACD is not medically induced – it is down to the choice of the individual not to focus on one activity at a time because they believe that they can accomplish many tasks at once but with very little concentration.

Arguably, this phenomena can be classed as ‘multi-tasking’ but I still believe there is a difference. You see, I fail to be able to engage in an activity without having 100 tabs open, music playing in the background as well as watching a TV show and checking my phone for messages – all at the same time!! Is that crazy or what? I know many people do this but as someone that believes that they have little time on their hands to get all the activities that I want to accomplish, I need a little discipline.

As the age of technology develops faster than ever, there are 1000 apps for every aspect of your life: fitness, food and drink, navigation, social networking, relationship, fun and entertainment – the list goes on and on. It is little wonder why ACD is on the increase. There is just too much to do and so little time.

So, I have figured out a way to alleviate this lingering anxiety that I have inevitably developed from being a technological addict. Here is my list:

1. Wake up in the morning and choose 3 major activities that I want to complete – the rule is that I’m not allowed to engage in any other activity at the same time. For example: ‘blogging with no tabs open and no phones’, ‘exercising without playing the television in the background.’, ‘language lesson without being distracted by phone.’

2. Keep a diary of how far you have come –  like a muscle, the more you work on something the more you grow and develop. Keeping a record of the tasks that you dedicate your focus to will inescapably lead to more capacity and tolerance to high focus activities.

3. Ween yourself slowly of the need to check social networking sites every 5 minutes – This is a ‘biggie’ for me. I check twitter every half an hour, facebook every hour, whatsapp every few minutes, instagram every hour. I really need to limit myself to checking activity to a minimum as most of the time, the interaction is majorly unproductive in the bigger scheme of things.

At the end of it all, being able to focus on one activity at a time is the best thing that one can do as it displays discipline and the building blocks to mastery.

Have a blessed day!

Linda L


I’m suffering a major bout of writer’s block


It’s hard to admit the reality in the subject heading but the truth is that for a couple of years now, I have suffered a major episode of writer’s block. See, I didn’t know why I was finding it so difficult to come up with creative ideas and topics to write about until I had an epiphany. I used to write in my diary every single day – there, I would pour out all my pent up feelings on a variety of pages. Nobody was ever going to read it but I was myself. I was being 100% real about EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. I was looking back at my ‘secret diaries’ and laughing page after page at that writer that once was.

Here, I feel a bit censored and restrained. I cannot say certain things with a fear that someone who the post may be about may be reading it. The embarrassment, the shame of being found out would be on my mind. Thus beginning my downfall into a negative block in my mind.
I would find that I had nothing to write about. Nothing passionate enough to keep me writing and writing. I consider myself quite an intelligent person and I used to be able to convey that in many aspects. My commonplace when I was younger was drawing pictures, colouring outside of the lines, sewing and putting creations together, writing songs, composing music. I itched of creativity in every way. However, recently I have suffered greatly from the lack of inspiration around me even though I claim to be inspired every day. I feeling energised by other people’s productions but when it comes to putting pen to paper (or the lack thereof), there is an incredible anomaly.

Another reason that I feel that I have been losing points in my writing is that my ex partner was sort of my muse. When we broke up it was an extremely tumultuous time for me. I broke down and all the pain that I had translated into something that was unproductive and dark. I had lost all my power and again lost my vision of some sorts.

I really want to change this aspect in my life. I have begun to read with purpose. I believe that reading and reading with purpose are two different things. I want to be able to sit down and lose this ACD (Attentive Concentration Disorder) that I have developed. This is literally where I would have my TV, my phone and my iPad on all at the same time doing various functions. This is the first time in a long time that I have actually sat down and focused on one activity without flicking through tabs and checking my phone to see my messages. I actually feel good that I have been able to concentrate. One thing with me is that I have issues with focus. I get distracted so easily and I let this dilute the quality of what I’m really trying to say.

I used to be able to focus on one activity for hours and hours; Reading, composing a song, creating an outfit or craft. This is not true for today. However, it is never too late to break a habit and develop a good one.

Linda L

aka DanliRose


My Top 4 Favourite Products (that I’m currently using) – March Edition


I use an array of cosmetics for the face, body and hair but the products below are some of my personal favourites. These products have never failed to work in my case. You do from time to time fall out of love with some products but I believe that my selection are built to stand the test of time. Enjoy!


1. Herbal Essence Beautiful Ends – Leave in conditioner 

5/5 ✮✮✮✮✮

This is a miracle in a bottle. If you have split ends or dry hair, this product cures this instantly and protects your hair throughout the day! I am highly skeptical when it comes to cosmetics that claim to have an instant effect but this truly works. What I really like about the product is that when you apply it to the ends of your hair, you can see the straightening effect that it has on the hair straight away and the smell is also gorgeous! It has a beautiful red raspberry scent. I have been using this product for close to two years now. Herbal Essence also has the intensive mask version of this which is miles better than any hair conditioner that I have ever used.

2. Let’s Jam – Extra Hold Gel

5/5 ✮✮✮✮✮

As a black girl with ‘edges’, it is important that I have something that tames this without weighing the hair down. It is not your typical gel. It does not leave crusts and does not make it have a crispy texture. Instead, it smooths down the hair without leaving any of those typical features that you get with hair gel.

3. Ultrabland – Facial Cleanser (Lush cosmetics)

4/5 ✮✮✮✮

When I went to Lush one afternoon, I decided to treat myself with some items that can assist with my majorly problem skin. The Lush assistant suggested that I give Ultrabland a try. She explained that it would feel very heavy on the skin but as long as I used a hot cloth to cleanse my face, it would clean right off any residue and make up. I took a sample size and tried it out. I was not a lover of the product straight away. This was mainly due to the fact that I was not used to applying the equivalent of oil to cleanse my face. But the very next morning, my face looked so clear and radiant. I was addicted from then on and bought the full sized tub. It is not to everyone’s taste but this is my HG product for cleansing the face. Especially as it does not contain any harsh ingredients for my sensitive skin.

4. Vanishing Cream – Facial Moisturiser (Lush Cosmetics)

4/5 ✮✮✮✮

Another Lush cosmetics entry. I truly love Lush and their variety of hand made products because they are well suited to my sensitive skin. This brings me onto the almighty Vanishing Cream.  A facial moisturiser unlike any other that I have ever used. First of all it smells absolutely amazing and secondly it does not sit on top of the skin like many moisturisers out there. It disappears into the skin and intensely moisturises it in the process. The cons to this cream is that it is VERY pricey – It retails at around £18.00. This burns a whole in my pocket so I do have to use the cream very sparingly to get a months use as the tub is only 45g. However, saying this I really do not feel the need to buy a primer as this mattifies the skin. So this is perfect to use just before make up application. This is my second tub now.

What’s In My bag? (2nd Edition)


I decided to do another ‘what’s in my bag?’ blog as I was really bored. I am really nosy when it comes to knowing what is lurking in other people’s bags so I decided to do one of my own. Here we go…


1. Bristle Hairbrush

I take this hairbrush wherever I go for those flyaways.

2. Mini iPad

I literally cannot go anywhere without this device. It stores everything from my calendar, photos, music, Dropbox, Evernote, iBooks, games etc… It keeps me entertained for hours and hours.

3. Purse

No explanation needed. It has all my cards and money of course!

4. iPhone 5

Before my iPad, my iPhone comes first! It is my life and I’m forever gazing upon this beauty of a device.


5. Perfume

I am an addict when it comes to an amazing fragrance. I particularly love very sweet smells. I am not too much into floral or champagne scents as they do not particularly fit with my body chemistry. At the moment, I’m in love with Mariah Carey’s Lollipop Splash fragrance.

6. Headphones

When I want to block the world out. I immerse myself with music. I take these EVERYWHERE!.

7. Hairband

Just in case I decide to tie my hair up. I always tend to have my hair down but you never know.

8. Cha Cha Tint

This is the absolute best cheek tint that I have ever used. It looks so natural.


9. Car Keys

I know it’s bad but I tend to travel everywhere with my car so I’m bound to have these car keys with me.

10. Lip Balm

When nature calls eh…

11. Stippling Brush

When I want to reapply my concealer or my tint during the day

12. Mac Cheek Blush

This is a very heavy pigmented cream blush that I take with me just in case I hit an evening event.

To Audiobook or Not….

So, there has been a debate raging in my mind as to whether I should continue my Audible subscription. The idea sounded great at the time, I was browsing through the App Store on my iPad and lo and behold – Audible, a simple way of enjoying listening to a book without the hassle of reading. I purchased my first book with the only credit that I had for the remainder of that month. I downloaded the book of my choosing and off I was listening to an American narrator read a book to me like a spoilt child needing a good bedtime story (am I being too harsh?).

It appears to be a completely lazy way to ‘read’ a book but I tell you what, it’s actually more complicated than it seems. You see, there is a phenomena called ‘active listening’ that involves you actively digesting the information that is presented to you. Just imagine it as ‘chewing’ with the ears.It is not as simple as just sitting there and letting the narrator do all the reading for you. It still takes a lot out of you to actively partake in the narrative. It is in fact so easy to get so lost in the audio that you can lose track of what is actually being said. This results in various instances of rewinding the bloody thing to the point that you last paid attention.

It is also frustrating not having the words in front of oneself. I have spent my life reading words… Can I really introduce something new to the bedroom? Hey, are we still talking about books?

So what am I saying? Am I in favour or not?

Ok, my position is that I am neither for or against. To each their own. I personally don’t mind the experience. There are certain types of books that I would prefer to read the paperback version. There are other types of books where I wouldn’t mind perusing the electronic version and I’m sure there are certain types of books where I wouldn’t mind listening via audiobook. It is truly not the end of the world.

I do recommend it to people that are always on the go. Particularly those that drive everywhere. At least it is something productive whilst you are crumbling under the stress of traffic flow between home and your destination.

In conclusion, I will continue my subscription since I do drive to work and it is useful having literature playing in the background to sharpen one’s mind.

If you are indeed interested in audiobooks sign up to 

How I freed myself from clutter & attachments

Screenshot 2014-01-01 21.27.31Clutter is a sin… I absolutely hate it in every way. As soon as I start seeing a build up of papers beside me, my heart begins to race. If I see a pile of clothes that haven’t been hung up, I feel disturbed.

I used to be the kind of girl that kept EVERYTHING of remote sentimental value to me. Some people call it a memory box or something like that.. Receipts of special days, tickets, letters, everything!! This meant that I would have boxes of memories stashed in every corner of my room. I also loved to keep clothes that I hadn’t worn in years – with the hope of finding an event to wear them to. I just couldn’t let things go – partly this is also psychological.

Psychologically, I found it difficult to let things go. Holding onto hopeless relationships with people that clearly didn’t give a f**k about me. I slowly started to turn into a wreck, trying to hold onto things that were just memories of winter’s past.

So how did I free myself from all these fortifications? Well… I had to reevaluate my relationships to all the things that had bared so much connections with me. I had to ask whether they were beneficial or detrimental to me. Many of them being detrimental – not good!! Also, it wasn’t until I lost everything, that I felt free.

Fast forward to now and I rarely hold any sentimental value to items and people. I tend to chuck things away that I consider ‘rubbish’.

Happy New Year 2014


Happy new year to all!!

This year for me, is all about being the best version of myself.

I have been reading mastery by Robert Greene. It is an excellent book for those that want to really excel in our inclinations. There have been many activities that I am amateur at but this book has urged me to find my passion and master it to the point where it is an internal extension of myself.

It’s cliché to start the year with this is what I will change about myself etc but I truly have the desire to be the best at what I love to do. Even if this means being bored out of my skull trying to get there.

2014, watch out – I will be Super Saiyan level by 2015.