Why the most beautiful things fail to last…

_MG_8498How beautiful a flower is but how quick its death. A butterfly spends a day in beauty and then fades away as if it never existed. A woman’s youth fades over time. But am I wrong in referencing a perhaps aesthetic beauty that is entirely outward? Maybe the most beautiful things are the things you cannot see physically see but rather the things you feel. Emphasising the essence of the thing rather than the obvious glaring attraction of the thing or the person.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder but why should beauty be emphatically relative? Is it ok to have a relative objective or an absolute one? I personally think relative is better – that way, there’s something for everybody. It makes the world that whole bit interesting.

The same can be said for love and romance. Why do some of the most passionate relationships end up in misery? Is it because they are filled with the poison called lust or is it that what what we think is a beautiful relationship is hidden deep from the obvious reflections of what can be considered real love?

So the question is… Why do good things come to an end? Why do beautiful things never last?

The truth is… As the world evolves technologically we have less and less access to our emotions. The simplicity of life gets lost in a sea of computerised, contrived and compulsive behaviour that disallows us to really connect to beauty.

What is hot today is cold tomorrow. What is considered beautiful is now plain in comparison to its successor. We are always looking for the next best thing. Always jumping in people’s beds (so to speak) without really appreciate what we actually have. So yeah… technology is to blame as we are more exposed to what can be considered a false reality of photoshop and media manipulation.

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