On Staying Motivated at the Gym

Why O why does this always happen?

You sign up for the gym, happily enthusiastic and excited about the prospect of burning all the pounds an shedding the weight from those problem areas. You are fiercely determined.

You put your pen to paper and sign the contract that locks you in for 12 months. You have it all planned… That you will go three times a week and even every day in some cases.

Fast forward… 2 months later.

You stop going to the gym… You may go once in a while just to say hello to the equipment and then swiftly say goodbye. Promising to come back when you have sorted your life out.

You cancel your gym membership as you can now see that it is draining your finances. You no longer need it as you have found yet another excuse to stand up the gym.

So why do we do it?

I personally feel that being in a predictable environment can lower motivation levels. The excitement is not there because you know what to expect. You know the equipment inside and out and you feel you’ve tried them all. If you also see that it is not making a difference to your body (especially when we live in a society where the need to do everything instantly is high) you may lose hope and feel that it is a waste of time. Let’s face it, a gym membership with no frills, no classes – this can indeed leave you feeling as if you were at a dead end.

I would say if you were going to join a gym, at least have a no contract one. This will at least mean that you can cancel at anytime without having to pay a hefty cancellation fee. You can also freeze your membership so that the months that you feel inactive or that you cannot afford it are covered.

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