Mental Overactivity

Mental Overactivity

Brain activity can at times troublesome, especially when you’re alone with your thoughts. I thought I was happy today but it turns out that I was actually distracted.

Being alone with my thoughts at times can be tormenting. One minute I can be bleating positivity and then the very next minute overcome with doubt, fear and anxiety. It is a terrible cycle. One that is unwelcome to me in many ways:

  • Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real)

Why should we fear? When we have proven to ourselves that we are worthy. That we are strong and confident. Why does it take one simple thought to make my strong fortified walls come tumbling down? When false evidence appears real to us, it can affect all the plans that we have made, leaving a bitter taste in the mouth.

  • Anxiety and Self Doubt

Things that never crossed the mind start to float by and rear its ugly head. When we start to feel anxious and doubt ourselves and our abilities, yet again, it ruins the plans that we have made and the walls that we have built.

  • “What is the point of doing anything?”

Abandoning the mission with self-defeating thoughts is destructive to our person but when you really think about it, what is the point of doing anything? Working for money, the nice house, the fairy tale lifestyle and then what?

I have started to debunk this method of thinking by equating it to reading a book. You don’t just read a book to get to the end, we read books because of the story, the journey, the development of character and plot twists and turns. The end is incidental.

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