Living Life in Colour (The Present Moment)

Living Life in Colour (The Present Moment)

I decided a while ago that no matter what situation that I was in, that I would never forget to live. By that I mean, ‘living instead of existing’. An activity not merely to pass the time but an act that seems entirely natural and enjoyable (whatever we are doing).

When I think of doing chores, whereas I used to think ‘this is so tedious’, I can now see it as a moment of time where I can practice patience, seeing a necessary task to the end and even meditate whilst doing it. It could be practicing discipline and this in turn can translate to many other activities.

I am currently in the laundrette writing this but no matter how tedious this may seem, I have written this blog article and I feel good about it.

Whenever I feel excited about the future, I decide that in the meantime, I will do other things that will make just as excited. This might be; working on my passion, reading, learning, writing – the lesson is not to waste any time at all.

Even when I’m driving in my car on a long journey or short journey, I use that time as productively as I can. I have had audiobooks, audio language lessons and any other activity that I can use to effectively develop me in one way or the other. It has been so beneficial for me personally and I have seen accelerated growth.

Everyday is a present, this is why we all should appreciate the present moment over the past or the future. This is one of the many things that I learnt after reading ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle (I recommend reading it- although it not for everyone).

Focusing on either the past or the future tends to make your life a bit black and white (inactive and passive). The irony of this sentiment is that dreaming of yesterday’s memories are nice to ponder on for a moment – everything seems so colourful, dreamy and fantasy-like, but if your mind tends to wander in the past quite often, it is time to rein back into the present moment and out of that black and white movie. On the other side on the coin, focusing on bad memories can cause adverse responses in your current state of being. The same principle applies, only that you need to let go and live YOUR life.

I have particularly learned to live in the here and now and appreciate every moment. We only get older, so why not appreciate our youth- now? We are only ever as old as we feel – it is all relative.

At times, we don’t even realise that the little things are the big things when we look back on them as memories. A sense of regret for not entirely enjoying those times that you had may dawn on you but we have to remember that every single day, we are given another chance at life.

It is time to live in the present because it truly is a present for us- do you realise that now?

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