On Conspiracy Theories


I am a truth seeker by nature. I don’t remember the first time that I woke up but I know it started via YouTube. It was a video stating that the World Trade Centre tragedy was orchestrated by the American government to bring in a new world order. On the surface it seemed crazy but as soon as I watched one video that was put together in such an orderly and logical way, I was convinced that the world is not in fact what it seems. This urged me to find out more about the mysteries of this world and things just kept on unravelling. Life began to unravel.

The world changed significantly after 9/11. I was very young at the time of the tragedy but as I grew up, it got referenced more and more in news articles, videos and forums. Not just the conspiracy of the twin towers but other things such as the illuminati (that is now heavily cited to death) and others relating to darkness in music. I became addicted to dissecting everything I thought I knew about the world. These revelations were truly enlightening…

Unfortunately, after many years of seeking the truth, I see that it had made little contribution to my overall life decisions. Unless I actually wanted to make a stand against the conspirators, I feel that it is futile having the knowledge but not having any leverage to make an effective change against the powers that be.

Conspiracy theories are a gimmick and they are becoming more and more ridiculous (even for me). I used to be a conspiracy ‘nut’ but now I think I am a realist. Many times, theories are pulled out from thin air. No sources, pure speculation and this is accepted as fact? I am tired of everyone being in the illuminati. I am done with the crazy theories about Sandy Hook being a hoax. It was already bad enough when the Olympic park was supposed to be nuked and nothing happened.Just please stop!

I understand the media is heavily manipulated and censored but… We have to be aware of our own bullshit at times. Conspiracy theories are just that- conspiracy stories.

I have de-converted.

I am no longer a conspiracy theorist but a TRUTH seeker. That means that both sides are taken into account.

3 thoughts on “On Conspiracy Theories

  1. Great article. I think I know exactly how you feel. The entire “Illuminati” theory is ridiculous. There is no evidence that it even exists today and, even if it did, there’s no evidence to show who is involved in it or what they actually do. Still, it’s important to remember that everyone is a conspiracy theorist — it’s only a matter of who you believe to be conspiring. In the case of 9/11, most people think it was a group of Arab terrorists who managed to overpower hundreds of people with nothing but boxcutters and take down three skyscrapers with two planes, all from the direction of a headquarters in a cave in Afghanistan, just because they “hate America”. But if we look at the motives and means involved, there’s a much more reasonable case to be made. Let me know what you think:


    • Thank you for your kind response Truthfulmedia! I completely agree with what you have said ‘we are all conspiracy theorists’ rings true to my ears and motives are very important to take into account. I have taken a look at your blog as well- looks great!. I’m gonna take out the time to read what you have to say (it looks right up my street).

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