Guilty of Selective Narcissism

Yes! I am guilty of selective narcissism. I have an entire blog dedicated to me, my thoughts, my pictures, the world through my eyes etc… I will happily share my life to strangers but when it comes to people that I know, my life is kept very silent. I will not post on Facebook because I feel it draws too much attention, yet I will happily spill on Twitter and on this blog. It’s a strange world we live in where one will be high and mighty on one platform and totally deranged on another. This is why I am admitting my weaknesses here and now so that no one thinks I am not self aware. If someone wants to get to know a different side of me without saying much, I direct people to my personal blog. I don’t give a shite what anyone thinks of my shit but at least I’m calling myself on my shit, right, rant over… I hate when people over share myself but at least you can turn the page with a blog. You get my drift?

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